Self-Discovery, The secret Ingredient?

Discover your most innate abilities, they may be your secret ingredient

     Journey to Self Discovery

In the animated movie ‘’Kunfu Panda’’, Poo the main character of the film, set out to find the secret ingredient to his mother’s famous noodles. The mother was well known in the land for her distinctively tasty delicious noodles, she was believed to have discovered a secret ingredient which makes her stand out as the best cook in the land. Her son, the Panda (Poo) was obsessed with his mother’s secret recipe, he had asked her many times to share her secret with him but she refused.  He searched to find it.

Like the panda, most people in life are looking for the secret ingredient, the one thing that would turn their lives around, for good. They have worked so hard, tried many businesses, sought education, but are still a far cry from success or “true” happiness. Only few people love their jobs, most people are just there because it pays the bills. They have no passion for their jobs, it is a fact that most people hate their jobs, but they’re just trying to survive,’ half a loaf is better than none’ they would say.

But what if you discovered something that makes you truly happy and still pays? It could be music, farming, sales, writing, public speaking, management, philanthropy, writing codes, trading, blogging, etc. would you take that chance? Bill Gates Started as a lawyer, but later discovered he had passion for making software, so he dropped out of law school and pursued his dreams. He is now a billionaire. At age 65, Colonel Sanders was ready to commit suicide, he had failed so much in life, his wife had left him, taking their daughter along with her, he was alone and lonely, it’s time to end it all. He took out a pen and decided to write his will, but he had a rude awakening, he realized there is so much he could have accomplished with his life, he searched his soul, his very inner self, and found hope and a renewed sense of purpose. He realized that there was one thing he could do better than anyone else in the world, Cooking. Thus, at the age of 65, colonel Sanders found his secret ingredient, the birth of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). At age 85, he became a billionaire.

To achieve success, one needs only to dig deep and find the one thing they’re good at, and work at it. I have long discovered my secret ingredient, what is yours?

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