Mum Helps Daughter to Sell Nude Pics Online

Mum helps daughter to sell nude pics online. A young woman who makes £120,000 a year selling nude pictures online recruited her mum to take the photos for her.

Beth Spiby, 22, used to work in the gift shop at M&S and would travel to Magaluf each summer to work abroad – until a colleague told her how much money she could make selling pictures online.

Beth and Mum

Mum Jane, 53, now helps her daughter take daily explicit photos and videos, which often involve Beth posing nude and in her underwear.

The 22-year-old realised she needed someone to take the pictures of her though, and soon asked her accountant mum to do the job.

Mum Jane, 53, now helps her daughter take daily explicit photos and videos, which often involve Beth posing nude and in her underwear, which they the put up for sale online.

Daughter who sells nudes

Daughter nudes

The 22-year-old explained:

When I first started she used to take them every day. Whenever I need an extra photo she is happy to get the camera out and take a pic.

Obviously she doesn’t do anything too explicit, because that would be crossing the line. It’s more the underwear shots with my mum.

Beth had her first taste of fame when she appeared on a three-part documentary about KFC, called Billion Dollar Chicken Shop. After getting some fans, she started posting topless pictures online, but she still worked at M&S in the Trafford Centre.

A colleague then told the 22-year-old about Only Fans – a website where anyone can sign up and create an account where fans subscribe to content for a fixed fee.

After setting up an account towards the end of December 2017, Beth gained nearly 900 subscribers and £10,000 in the first three weeks and quit her job at M&S.

Beth, who appeared on Shipwrecked last year, recently hired a photographer to take most her pictures, as well as an assistant to post them online, but still calls on her mum if she needs some emergency pictures taking.

Beth Said:

Initially it was my mum who took all the pictures – even the raunchy ones. It was in underwear and topless. It became more explicit the more comfortable I got.

My friends and family they all love it. If they need something paying for they only have to ask so nobody is negative about it. They know I am in control of my job and I like doing it so nobody is negative.

Well, she must have some balls to recruit her mum into this business. Most mums will probably be ashamed of their children if they come up with this stuff. But she’s a damn proud mum who loves her daughter unconditionally.

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