Little Doris Set to Lose Both Eyes, Leila Djansi Vows to Help

Little Doris, who is suffering from an acute eye disease is set to lose both eyes and rising Hollywood producer Leila Djansi seems extremely concerned, vows to help, albeit too late.

Little Doris and mom

Little Doris Set To lose both eyes

In a series of facebook posts, Leila expressed empathy towards little Doris’ situation and subsequently asked her fans to help her locate the girls family so she could offer her assistance.

She further went on to criticize Ghana’s health system,  describing it as deplorable and inhumane.

“Found little Doris’s mom and the nurse who handled the case in the initial.
Spoke to a surgeon who said both eyes have to be removed. 3 years old, blind. In Ghana, where the leaders we vote into power use our taxes to build personal wealth. In Ghana, where the pastors sit on kingly thrones and the members sit on hard chairs and sweat for a God, any God to answer them. In Ghana where healthcare is so deplorable, they asked for cash before they’d save her when it was only one eye that was affected”

In Ghana. In my beloved country. Where with even with two eyes, the struggle is real!

Help Little Doris

A gofundme account has been established to save little Doris’s future. Interested contributors can contact Leila directly on her page or visit the gofundme link here:


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