Chinese Immigrants Invade Asutuare, Mining Sand From Its River Few Metres From Police Station

Chinese immigrants invade Asutuare

Chinese immigrants invade Asutuary, mining sand from it’s river. The Chinese’s scramble for Africa continues unabated as they have found their way into a small fishing community in the Volta Region, to destroy the people’s source of livelihood.

illegal foreign nationals

Chinese Miners in the grips of Police

We all know for a fact that you can’t go to China and mine sand from it’s rivers but these folks have taken Africans for fools and continue to lay siege on our communities and perpetuate various illegalities.

The funny side of this story is that this dangerous activity is taking place right in front of our law enforcement agency. The Police whom we continue to pay with our taxes have continually failed us by conniving with these termites to wreak havoc on us.

They use their heavy machines to further deepen the depth of the river by continually mining mining sand.

Members of the community have complained bitterly about the activities of the Chinese but the police being possible shareholders of this venture have turned a blind eye.



Asutuary is a small fishing community formed around the Volta lake, few kilometers from Akuse.


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