5 Ways You Can Still Make It in 2019

If you are a graduate in Ghana(Africa) and still unemployed, here are 5 ways you can still make it in 2019.

We’ve all been at that point in our lives when we wondered if we were ever going to make it, especially now that most of our graduates are unemployed or being underpaid. Well, I’m here to give you five solid and valid ways you can set yourself up for a great future. Here are 5 ways to make that happen:

  1. Learn How to Code

Am sure you’ve heard this several times, on the TV, from friends, on the radio, internet, etc. and I bet you didn’t pay much attention. Well, it’s time to start paying attention. If you are struggling to find a job, you might as well utilize that free time and delve into something new and exciting. As Zuckerberg said, “programming is easy” while this may not be true for everybody, it is worth given a try. There are several programming languages to choose from, (PHP, python, Ruby on Rails, C#, C++, MySQL) depending on your interests and what you want to achieve. It might take you at least 3 months to master a language, but the prospects are very great once you can solve problems with your knowledge. You can easily become a millionaire if you learn how to code. And there is no way you’d be unemployed in the future. Programming is the future. You can visit to get started.

5 ways to make it

You can Do it

  1. Start a Farm

We are never going to stop eating, are we? Farming is definitely one of the best ways you can make it 2019. You might not have the money to start a huge farm, but little beginnings lead to greater heights and farming is a noble course. You can plant economic trees such as coconut, palm, for long term and sustainable income but if you are looking for quick income, you can venture into vegetable farming.  You can also start an animal farm as this is equally very rewarding. Help feed the world and make money doing it. Farming is a noble course that has great benefits.

  1. Teaching

Not so many people respect the teaching profession, but I’ve seen people who have transformed their lives through teaching. You can join a good private school, make your mark and start doing door to door teaching. I mean teaching people in their homes. With the falling standards of education, parents are investing more money in the education of their wards and I urge you to start taking advantage of the situation. Start your journey towards greatness this 2019. Don’t sit at home whining all the time. Pick yourself up and start something.

  1. Retail and Distribution

Become a retailer for a major brand, or you can pick new brands and work on getting a share of the market. It’s good business and it hardly fails if you know what you are doing. Being retailer or distributer is not that easy, in fact, nothing is easy but this is one of the best 5 ways you can make it in 2019. With focus and determination anything is achievable right?

  1. Agribusiness

We are back to agriculture right? In case you are wondering what agribusiness is, here’s a quick explanation. Agribusiness is the line of businesses that focuses on the processing, warehousing, marketing and retailing of farming products and produce. It encompasses all agricultural activities. Join the agricultural value chain and make a good living. This is a great time to start something. In case you need help with any of these or need business advice, contact Adjei Kofi Donald on Facebook.

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