5 Ways Ghanaians can avoid kidnappers and Ritual Killers

With the recent spate of kidnappings in the country, we are happy to share some personal safety tips with you so you and your family can be safe always.

  1. Use major streets when walking alone at night

whiles cutting corners might seem more convenient, it is dangerous and unwise to use shortcuts when walking alone at night. Criminals are always lurking around lonely roads and you do not want to fall into their hands. Life is precious and you need to take your time, no need to hurry, so use busy routes always especially at night. It will be difficult for kidnappers to abduct you on busy roads as they will be easily spotted.


  1. When meeting an unknown person for the first time, go with a friend or meet at a public place:

The world has become one big community with the help of social media, we can now make new friends on social media, some meet their lovers there as well. But how do you know the person you are chatting up is a genuine person and not some serial killer? Don’t be blinded by what you are told or by emotions, keep your head straight and use your brains. When meeting someone for the first time, pick a public restaurant, bar, mall or any other populated environment and make sure not to follow the person home after the meeting or date. When drinking with new friends, choose what to drink and make sure you don’t get drunk and hence becoming vulnerable. Don’t be too eager to trust for trust is earned.

example of an abduction


  1. Avoid getting lifts from unknown people:

Be wary of the Trojan horse for there is no such thing as a free lunch. Whiles you might want a lift so you can save yourself some money, it is a risky venture as you might fall into the wrong hands. Ask yourself if it’s worth risking your life just to save a few pesewas. Politely decline when unknown cars offer you lifts.

       4. Don’t be secretive, tell people where you are going:

It is always good to inform family about where you are off to, so they know where to look when something goes wrong.


  1. Follow your instincts:

There is this thing inside us that usually warns us of impending danger, but most people hardly listen to it. If you suddenly become anxious in the process of doing something, take some time and have a rethink. This is the only way God speaks to us.


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