Multilingualism; Tool For Global Citizenship



“We are different colors, our tongues roll differently, but we share a common characteristic of a collective vulnerability to the tragic inevitability of death, and most importantly we share the same fragile ship (planet earth).” Yes! We are the human family. A family that stands out from the community of creation as its vicegerent.

Language is a powerful tool that connects us in the human family. The Oxford Dictionary defines Language as a system of communication used by a particular country or community. This system sets out the framework of communication in communities and countries. People that are able to speak multiple languages are referred to as ‘Multilingual.’

The world we all crave for is one that is open, tolerant and progressive. For those who believe in the goodness of humanity, working to achieve this lofty goal is very much a priority. Our world in the 21st century is often referred to as a global village, and rightly so, technology has shrunk distances into obscurity and made us more connected than we have ever been in history. Global citizenship is an unavoidable by-product of this interconnected, ever interactive world. Global citizenship is a way of living where we recognize that our world typifies a complex system and goes beyond just national borders. Being global citizens does not necessarily mean abandoning our ties to the Nation States we belong, but we recognize and acknowledge that our actions should not work against others in their pursuit of a happy living.

Multilingualism promotes people to people interaction and integration within national, continental and global contexts.  For global citizen, while others see borders, they see crossings and while others see walls, they see bridges, because to them the world is essentially one amazing space that is big enough to contain us all. Promoting the idea of global citizenship is critical to cultural understanding. Our world is one, but our way of life, perspectives and social systems vary. The recognition that despite our cultural differences, we could still work together to make our world a better place is a supreme human quality.

Make a move to learn someone else’s  language today!

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